20+ years’ experience helping companies grow by developing insights-based plans, crafting differentiated brand stories, and managing effective marketing programs


Conduct secondary research such as competitive / trend analyses and primary research such as stakeholder discovery interviews that uncovers unmet needs and potential opportunities


Manage client / vendor relationships that foster collaboration and creates ownership


Facilitate ideation workshops that move beyond divergence / convergence toward actionable initiatives



Chart growth plans with greater likelihood of success because they’re based on research-based insights

Craft brand stories that can credibly be told and marketing plans that can be realistically implemented

Identify potential implications on operations so clients can make more fully informed decisions


Guide “hand-off” to external partners so brand, marketing, and operational initiatives remain on-strategy


Manage ongoing client relationships to maintain collaboration and ownership


Identify supplemental initiatives that add-value to client and employer




Small- to Mid-Size Business Growth Planning - Based on customer interviews and trend analyses, developed strategy to evolve traditional media company into lifestyle brand with multiple potential revenue streams


Healthcare Market Research –  Distilled $1M of research into “Essence Statement” for major brand and provided senior leadership with rationale, tools, training, and web support to ensure that marketing and operations reflected positioning


Manufacturing Marketing – Managed cross-functional team that generated leads and increased sales for Akron manufacturer by understanding client’s needs, conducting research on segmentation/targets, and collaborating with marketing agency to execute campaigns that evolved brand story


Pharma Employment Branding - Led development of global employment brand for $100 billion pharma company anchored in powerful and consistent story that met business objectives


Store-of-the-Future Development – Leveraged positioning and consumer research into category-defining “store of the future” that re-imagined tire, maintenance, and repair experience into more customer-friendly encounter


Corporate Practice Development – Created new service offering addressing Northeast Ohio smaller manufacturers’ need for growth strategies that could be realistically executed and consulting firm’s desire to efficiently deliver projects at scale

Thought Leadership – Gave strategy presentations at Case Western’s think[box], University of Chicago business school, and non-profits’ trade association. Published strategy articles on private label (BrandChannel.com, design (BrandChannel.Com), and non-profits (trade publication)

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