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Hello. I'm a senior marketer with deep brand strategy expertise who is exploring what's next. Maybe we should connect.

I'm exploring opportunities in brand strategy, strategic communications, and purpose-driven marketing. I'm targeting roles at the Senior Manager, Director, and Vice President levels and am versatile in my work setup (on-site in Northeast Ohio, hybrid within a 3-hour drive of Cleveland, and fully remote).


Why me?


I have a 20-year track record of helping corporations, agencies, and non-profits achieve marketing objectives by developing insights-based positioning, crafting powerful narratives, and partnering with colleagues to bring ideas to life across touchpoints and UX. I’m particularly proud to have led initiatives that revitalized an iconic brand to retain its leadership position; evolved a national healthcare organization’s brand to align more closely with its mission (an initiative that won our team a PRSA award); brought to market an innovation lab to create revenue opportunities for a marketing agency; and empowered a house of worship to address COVID-created challenges by re-imagining its under-leveraged weekly newsletter as a daily chance to connect with relevant content (a shift that increased clicks by 28%).

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B2B New Product Introduction
Supported Legacy Brand's Growth By Bringing to Market Unique Offering In Adjacent Category
Anchor 1
Social Impact Branding
Led Team That Helped Global Healthcare Organization Better Align Its Brand with Its Mission
Anchor 2
B2B Corporate Marketing
Managed Co-Creation Initiative That Ensured Messaging Supported Manufacturer’s $4B Merger
Anchor 3
Social Impact Marketing Communications
Crafted Brand-Driven Marketing Communications to Engage Members and Prospects Before, During, and After COVID
Anchor 4
B2C Rebranding
Partnered with COO and Marketing Agency to Better Connect Iconic Brand with Its Target to Drive Same Store Sales
Anchor 6
B2B Brand Innovation
Evolved Legacy Media Company's Business Model to Remain Relevant in Changing Market
Anchor 7
B2B Corporate Marketing
Led Development of Global Employment Brand That Provided a Competitive Advantage and Reduced Marketing Costs
Anchor 8
B2C Rebranding
Re-framed a Major University's Competitive Set to More Efficiently Employ Marketing Resources

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B2B Sales
Developed Brand Strategy Training That Empowered Colleagues to Drive Organic Growth
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