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I’m a brand innovator with a 23-year track record of building marketplace differentiation by uncovering relevant insights, developing ownable positionings, crafting powerful narratives, and partnering with colleagues to infuse that thinking into marketing and customer experiences. I have diverse category experience (from retail to manufacturing) and growth expertise (from expanding core offerings to addressing share losses).  I’m particularly proud to have created and managed an innovation lab that supported marketing agency’s growth; led the large-scale rebranding that helped an automotive brand retain its market leadership; driven the strategy that better aligned a leading healthcare organization’s brand with its mission (work that won a PRSA brand award); and successfully managed brand-based integrated marketing campaigns that helped a small non-profit better connect with its targets. I’ve written and spoken widely on brand development and love what I do.

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Case Study 1: Brand Innovation
Supporting Legacy Brand's Growth By Bringing to Market Two Unique Offerings In Adjacency Categories
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Case Study 2 - Social Impact Branding
Revitalizing The Menopause Society Brand to Better Align with Their Mission
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Case Study 3 - Corporate Marketing
Employing Innovation Lab to Evolve Corporate Messaging for Parker Aerospace
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Case Study 4 - Marketing Communications
Crafting Brand-Driven Marketing Communications to Engage Members and Prospects During COVID
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Case Study 5 - B2B Rebranding
Extending Market Relevance for An Iconic Healthcare Brand
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Case Study 6 - B2C Rebranding
Reimagining Firestone Complete Auto Care's User Experience to Better Serve the Target Market
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Case Study 7 - Brand Innovation
Evolving Legacy Media Company's Business Model to Remain Relevant in Changing Market
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Case Study 8 - Corporate Marketing
Driving Consistent Identity for Top 5 Pharma Company's Employment Brand
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Case Study 9 - B2C Rebranding
Reframing a Major University's Competitive Set to More Efficiently Employ Marketing Resources

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