Retail Case Study

Fortune 500
Re-Establishing Category Leadership; Attempting to Stave-Off Irrelevance


While Firestone’s $3 billion category-leading retail arm had grown on the strength of its parent’s iconic product, it also fostered churn and market confusion by not addressing several issues:

  • consumers wanted a one-stop experience but tires’ presence in the stores overwhelmed maintenance and repair (resulting in consumers assuming that tires were the brand’s only business);

  • the in-store experience wasn’t oriented toward target’s needs (“moms with minivans” with neither category involvement nor knowledge); and

  • market confusion was created by independent dealers using the Firestone name and a service brand (Master Care) that was never consistently supported.


Though charged with discrete task of raising retention via development of the store of the future, I reviewed market research and identified the wider opportunity: to build a true retail brand.

  • I worked with the COO, my supervisor, to transform research into positioning. The positioning / tag line I developed – “The experience you want” – addressed the challenging point of sale experience while tapping into the brand’s decades of expertise.

  • Other initiatives I led included: untangling the knotty brand architecture to clarify relationships; utilizing research to sell-in the c-suite; and working closely with the retail design agency to create a category-defining store of the future. In related initiatives, I managed the brand identity revitalization, from name generation and brand personality to messaging hierarchy and graphic guidelines.

  • I partnered with digital teams to rethink the online experience and, as part of effort to drive adoption, spoke at internal conferences, Board meetings, and store meetings across the country.


The brand revitalization was rolled-out nationally.







  • Retail


Type of Business

  • Fortune 500


  • Category Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Stakeholder Interviews, Ethnographic Research, and Customer Experience Mapping



  • Brand Positioning, Architecture, Extensions, and Activation

  • Brand Education



  • Development and Alignment with Strategy

  • Naming, Tag Line, and Brand Essence Creation

  • Retail Design, Collateral, POS, Direct Mail, Site Concept and / or Wire Frame Development


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