Staying Competitive in a

Declining "Category"


How does a seventy-two-year-old Reform synagogue retain and attract members when “flat is the new growth” - or worse?

As Director of Engagement and Marketing – the first professional in that role and funded by a two-year foundation grant – I identified, developed, sold-in, and implemented initiatives across brand strategy, marketing communications, user experience, sales, and customer retention that have been addressing market challenges.




Challenges to Reform temples’ retention and attraction efforts have increased because there are more “a la carte” alternatives to congregational life such as lectures and podcasts and because there’s been a significant increase in the number of Americans who chose “none of the above” when asked about their affiliation with houses of worship.



Based on conducting customer discovery interviews and analyzing secondary research, I developed actionable insights such as the impact of close rates by sales channel.


I built competitive advantage by crafting differentiated and authentic brand stories and by creating greater consistency across the brand’s identity.


I’ve been “connecting the dots” between brand strategy and brand marketing by creating and managing integrated plans, content calendars, and budgets. I’ve also supported brand strategies by clarifying objectives and leading clergy, staff, and lay leader teams.


I supported the brand by writing on-strategy content (web site, social, video, direct, print, email, collateral, environmental, and tag lines). And I strengthened brand relevance by crafting messaging hierarchies and improving users’ experience.


​We’ve been course correcting based on Facebook and Google analytics and through ongoing congregant feedback.


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