Healthcare Case Study

Fortune 500
Extending Brand Relevance in Tricky Market


A major health insurer wanted to offer a stripped-down version of its mainline product but was (rightly) concerned that potential consumer and provider confusion between what had been historically been provided and the new “lite” version would dilute brand equity nurtured over decades. Providing some benefits to those who had no insurance would address market demand – but only if the old and the new could coexist.


  • I partnered with the research vendor to create discussion guides; attended national focus groups; and developed follow-up questions for participants.

  • After the groups, I: sold-in the concept of creating a true sub-brand (e.g., connected to the master brand but with key differences); oversaw creative development of identity cards (an essential touchpoint that would be underpinned by a novel use of naming, color, type, and copy); and wrote the decks that sold-in line management and the c-suite.


Agreed-to by the Client, it led to a wider employment of using brand architecture to support strategic objectives.



  • Healthcare

  • Financial Services


Type of Business


  • Fortune 500


  • Category Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Stakeholder Interviews and Customer Experience Mapping


  • Brand Positioning and Architecture



  • Development and Alignment with Strategy

  • Naming

  • Collateral, POS Development


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