Brand Relevance



What if a major brand conducted hundreds of thousands of dollars of market research but did not consistently use it to guide strategies to extend relevance with customers and partners?


As the Manager of Brand Strategy at a company with a national footprint, I led brand positioning, brand architecture, and marketing communications initiatives that more consistently tied market research with market opportunities.



Product Marketing

One challenge involved possibility of offering stripped-down version of mainline product when there was understandable concern about potential market confusion between historic brand promise and “lite” version of new offering – strategy would only work if old and new could coexist


Brand Marketing


Another challenge was better tapping extensive market research for positioning and how that positioning could manifest in marketing communications



Product Marketing


After participating in focus groups, I created a sub-brand (e.g., connected to the master brand but with key differences), oversaw creative development of the key touchpoint, and wrote presentations that sold-in Senior Management and the C-Suite.


Brand Marketing


I distilled extensive research into “Brand Essence”, an encapsulation of the market research that empowered managers across the U.S. to create on-brand internal communications and marketing.




I trained colleagues on the importance of brand (versus organizations’ historic focus on finances) and created frameworks to develop product names and to manage the ecosystem of the brand’s assets.