Device Case Study

Evolving Business Model From Crowded Healthcare to More Open Wellness


Faced with endless healthcare cost increases and an industry that’s only at the initial stages of evidence-based medicine, patients with a wide range of disease states have been increasingly receptive to “non-traditional” solutions. Against this backdrop, a pre-revenue startup approached me and a partner to create a pitch deck for opening care delivery clinics based on its patented technology.



Determined to help a startup with its noble purpose and partnering with the technologist, I ended up not being able to write the pitch deck because the underlying business model was poorly aligned with patient needs and potential financials.

  • In terms of the needs disconnect, patient trust is more anchored in clinical trials and third-party endorsements than patented technologies. [Referring providers, based on my experience in other categories, would arguably have similar concerns.] This market driver would be even more pronounced in the startup’s category because the type of provided care had been in-and-out of the public eye for decades.

  • And the financials would be hampered by massive capital expenditures to build company-owned clinics. Moreover, across disease states and care scenarios, delivery was provided by industry giants or innovative models such as clinics-within-clinics; opening clinics out-of-the gate was uncommon for a reason.

  • The solution was to avoid the highly competitive health care space, create a modest physical footprint based on wellness (think acupuncture or yoga), and conduct clinical trials to create stakeholder trust. We sold-in these ideas to the Client.

The pivot, however, resulted in having to postpone their initial fundraising round because too many new operational issues needed to be worked-through.



  • Healthcare

  • Wellness

  • Medical devices


Type of Business


  • Startup


  • Category Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Stakeholder Interviews, Ethnographic Research, and Customer Experience Mapping


  • Business Model Refinement and Market Entry Paths

  • Brand Positioning, Architecture, Extensions, and Activation



  • Development and Alignment with Strategy

  • Naming, Tag Line, and Brand Essence Creation

  • Retail Design, Collateral, POS, Direct Mail, Site Concept and / or Wire Frame Development


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