What if the solution to a legacy media property’s challenges was the wrong fit?


As co-lead at consulting firm that operated as an Illinois Benefit Corporation and focused on helping small-to mid-size companies grow, conducted customer discovery interviews and trend analyses, concluded that app would not address flat revenue, and built business model to include lifestyle brand – owners employed analyses to guide growth strategies




With readers exposed to ever-increasing amount of online content, ten-year old media company successful in meeting needs of visitors to vacation destination saw “writing on the wall” - with rare exceptions traditional news sites (even with rich digital content) not sustainable over long-term

Media company asked if app could create revenue opportunities


Conducted efficient rounds of desk research and national interviews – concluded that app wouldn’t address stated or latent needs


Conclusion, coupled with sobering research regarding app adoption and stickiness, convinced client to abandon initiative


As strong believer in giving clients what they request as well as what they might also need, created alternative opportunity - evolving their legacy business into lifestyle brand


Analyses, including aligning business objectives and brand strategies, provided owners with framework to evaluate growth opportunities